BJ Ministries International

BJ Ministries International is a faith-based ministry of Prophetic Inner Healing and Deliverance reaching out to women in the community who have been broken, abused, abandoned and who have lost sight of their God ordained purpose and destiny. We are here to mentor and encourage one another through the sharing of our testimonies and life's experiences in a safe harbor. We share because we care. 

Our Apostolic Covering:  BJ Ministries International is under the umbrella of the International Fellowship of Christian Churches (IFCC) 

Bishop Neville Smith of Radnor Road Christian Fellowship Bermuda - Apostolic Overseer

Our Mission: To encourage, mentor and empower  each other by equipping the body of Christ to pursue and fulfill our divine purpose and destiny.

Our Vision: 

Equipping and Empowering lives with the mandate of the Gospel to become Kingdom-minded citizens, using our gifts and callings for the edification of the body of Christ and the up-building of the Kingdom of God.

About Our Logo: 

The Opened Door Represents: God has given us the open door to the hearts of our Sisters. Sisters who have been broken through abuse both mentally and physically, rejection and abandonment, hurt and pain; to those that are lost and can't seem to find their way or their place in this Christian journey. We are willing to give you that helping hand to get you to the place our loving Father has designed especially for you. The open door is also representative of this ministry not having any boundaries.  We are not limited to Bermuda.  The door is opened for us to go to places outside of   Bermuda. This ministry will travel globally.


The Keys Represent: Keys give us access to every door that has been shut. We have the keys to open and pour into the lives of those needing to be set free to do the work that God has called them to do.  The Keys are answers to life's situations and God places those keys in our hands   to carry out his assignment here on earth.


The Globe of the World Represents: We will not be boxed in to minister to our own community. The Globe, the Nations of this World, becomes our community when we seek out the lost, the hurt and down trodden. God has given us the mandate to go out into the world to share the Gospel with anyone He puts into our path. We represent Him as Daughters of the Word when we touch and transform the lives of others.

Our Scripture Text:  Colossians 4:17
"Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfill it."




A native of the Islands of Bermuda, Apostle Beverly Jones is the President and Founder of BJ Ministries International, (BJMI) and Sister to Sister Bermuda and Mozambique, a ministry in pursuit of women fulfilling the calling and destiny God has placed on their lives.


Built on a foundation of Inner Healing and Deliverance the ministry seeks to address the deep rooted problems plaguing the body of Christ that are so often hidden and not addressed.  This prevents one from attaining God’s perfect plan for their lives.


In 2011 Apostle Beverly became a recipient of the Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honor for Community Service in her country.  She was honored for forming a Faith-based Ministry in 2008 that reached out to women in the community who had encountered difficulties from being hurt, abused and broken.  The ministry has become a safe harbor for women to relate personal stories of their difficult struggles and how they overcame many challenges.  One on one counseling and group counseling is available to those in distress. 


Apostle Beverly’s ministry experience has led her to speaking at various churches, organizations, workshops and conferences, both locally and in the USA. She has hosted conferences and workshops and presented at many local events.  She has also had the opportunity to minister  in the nations of Argentina, Sri Lanka and Mozambique. While in Mozambique in 2017 a Sister to Sister group was installed which became the first international ministry. 


For a number of years, Apostle Beverly served as the Director of Kingdom University Bermuda Campus under the leadership of Dr. N. Cindy Trimm.  She is a graduate of the University of Maryland, holds a Certificate in Ministry from ITC in Atlanta and a graduate of Kingdom University School of Ministry.  Her ministry aligns with Koinonia Training Centre, Bermuda, Rev. Conway and Evangelist Joan Simmons, in the USA with Cindy Trimm Ministries International, Apostolic Coaching for Empowerment, Dr. Gayle Rogers and Kingdom Congressional International Alliance, Dr. Bruce Cook.


Apostle Beverly serves a consultant to the board of Directors for “Transforming Lives, Fighting Poverty”, a charity organization assisting the underprivileged in Beira, Mozambique, Africa and has also served on the Women’s Council, a Bermuda government appointed board.  


Retiring from the corporate world in 2017, her most recent job, after 17 Years serving as a Corporate Administrator, she now devotes her time to her ministry. She is the proud mother of one son, Quincy Jamel Jones who resides in the USA.


Apostle Beverly is an end time warrior with a pioneering spirit and a heart of compassion. She comes fully equipped as a member of the five-fold ministry and is an anointed woman of God. Her greatest desire is to help the hurting and the lost, to live a meaningful and purpose driven life. She states “Attending to the needs of others is doing it for Christ” and she feels so honored that God uses her ministry to reach the lives of those in need of help and direction.