Thank you for partnering with us. Know that your support is reaching people around the world in desperate need of help. Together, we are going to make a difference in the lives of so many!


Partnership is several people joining together to accomplish a task or meet a need that is greater than what they could do on their own.  Being a partner with BJ Ministries International is as simple as making a commitment to regularly support the ministry through your financial giving and prayer support.  Most people choose to give monthly, however you may choose weekly or prefer another option.

Know that your support is reaching people around the world as well as Bermuda.

Our Logo symbolizes the extent of our ministry.

Opened Door :

God has given us the open door to the hearts of our sisters; those sisters who have been broken through abuse both mentally and physically, rejection and abandonment, hurt and pain.  


The open door is also representative of this ministry not having any boundaries.  We are not limited to Bermuda. This ministry is a global ministry. 



Keys give us access to every door that has been shut.  We have the keys to open and pour into the lives of those needing to be set free to do the work that God has called them to do.  God places those keys in our hands to carry out his assignment here on earth and what an awesome assignment it is to see his sons and daughters pursuing destiny without any barriers.



Globe of the World:

God has given us the mandate to go out into the world to share the Gospel with anyone He puts into our path.  We represent Him as we touch and transform the lives of others.





It’s incredible what happens when a lot of people decide to “do what they can.”  We each do our part, then God adds His part and together, we make a huge impact on the lives we touch.

Your giving makes it possible to spread the love of Jesus, to heal those that are broken and abused.  Whatever medium we use to educate and minister in - whether it is through our Sister to Sister sharing because we care meetings, Seminars, Retreats or conferences – we know that God’s sons and daughters will reap the rewards of what it is to be spiritually wholesome citizens of the Kingdom and our communities.  We all win because it is truly the Holy Spirit that is guiding and directing this ministry.

Our Partners are covered by the prayer support of our Prophetic Intercessory Prayer Team.  We look forward to your prayer requests as we believe in the power of prayer and we have seen God move in miraculous ways as lives have transformed.  BJ Ministries International is aligned with strong ministry support globally which means that our partners will share in this benefit as well.  As a partner you will receive our quarterly newsletter, receive exclusive messages and updates of our ministry as well as inspirational messages from videos or through other forms of social media.  While we welcome your prayer requests we also want to know what is going on in your lives therefore we want to hear your praise reports. 

Thank you for partnering with BJ Ministries International – Bermuda.


Our goal is to reach out with God’s love and help as many people as we can. And we need every partner to accomplish our mission.

That’s why we invite you to become a partner with BJ Minstries International - Bermuda today. Because together, with God’s help, we can share Christ and love people all around the world. We hope you will join us.

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